UCSB Early Childhood Care & Education Services

Pre-employment Activities

Integrated Pest Management Training (includes info on cleaning/disinfecting): See Instructions and link below:


TA Pesticide Training Instructions.pdf
California Mandated Reporter: See Instructions and link below:


CA Mandated Reporter Instructions.pdf

Use the registration code: ucsbedu to create your account.

All Teacher Assistants, Interns and Volunteers must complete the online course entitled “California Mandated Reporter” (approximately 25 minutes).

Click "Select an organization" and choose Early Childhood Care & Education Services as shown below. Fill in the rest of your information and select "Click here to enroll" at the bottom of the page.

Once you have enrolled, you can take the online course – select the module “California Mandated Reporter” - the one at the bottom.

You need to be able to hear the module so be prepared with speakers or headphones. Once you start, you need to finish the module as the system will not save or remember ‘where you left off’. If you do not complete the module in one sitting, you will have to restart from the beginning. Do not hit the ‘back’ button during playback, as this will take you back to the beginning of the module.

At some point, after you have finished the module you must complete the quiz at the end of the course and print the completion certificate.The print certificate button is located on the course selection page just above the courses, or you may prefer to simply use this link: http://armatus2.praesidiuminc.com/armatusUser/armatus/certificate where you will be prompted to re log-in.This is a precondition of employment and a copy of this certificate must be turned in.

All Teacher’s Assistants, Interns and Volunteers are urged to view the online video “Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse” (seven minutes) at www.calm4kids.org/resources

For guidelines on the indicators of the three types of child abuse: