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Administrative Directory

Teachers and Administrative Staff

Meaningful relationships form the heart of high quality care.The program is committed to building a strong and caring community between children, teachers, parents, administrators and other involved members by fostering relationships that are supportive, respectful and nurturing.

The program is staffed with a Director, three Program Coordinators, Business Officer / Staffing Coordinator, Grant Coordinator,Enrollment Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, 37 Lead Teachers and Teachers, and many UCSB students who work as classroom assistants, volunteers and interns. All Lead Teachers hold a "Master Teacher Permit," while Teachers hold a "Child Development Teacher Permit." All permits are issued by the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The teaching staff has been carefully chosen for their outstanding training, ability and experience with children.

Administrative Directory

If you have any questions about our program or feel we may be of help with general child care or parenting issues, please feel free to contact us.

Orfalea Family Children’s Center (OFCC)

University Children’s Center (UCC)

UCSB West Campus
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1060

1300 Student Resource Building, UCSB
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1065

Phone: 805-893-3665

Phone: 805-893-7030

Fax: 805-893-4907

Fax: 805-893-6078

Enrollment Coordinator, OFCC & UCC

Administrative Assistant, UCC

Waitlist, Tuition, General Information

Tuition, General Information

Sandi Quinly

Lisa Vititoe

Email: squinly@ucsb.edu

Email: lbviti@ucsb.edu

Phone: 805-893-5279

Phone: 805-893-7030

Grant Coordinator, OFCC & UCC

CCAMPIS Family Support Coordinator & Documentation Specialist, OFCC & UCC

Financial Assistance

Student Family Support, Authentic Assessment & Accreditation

Mia Shellabarger

Saameh Solaimani

Email: shellabarger@ucsb.edu

Email: SaamehSolaimani@ucsb.edu

Phone: 805-893-5307

Phone: 805-893-5280

Infant & Toddler Program Coordinator, OFCC

Infant & Toddler Program Coordinator, UCC

Program information, Employment

Program Information, Employment

Jenny Greaney

Marina Nolte

Email: jennyd@ucsb.edu

Email: mnolte@ucsb.edu

Phone: 805-893-4904

Phone: 805-893-7818

Preschool Program Coordinator, OFCC

Business Officer/Staffing Coordinator

Program information, Employment

Program Information, Employment, Payroll

Tamara Thompson

Jesse Rosenzweig

Email: tamarat@ucsb.edu

Email: jesse@ucsb.edu

Phone: 805-893-4904

Phone: 805-893-4994

Director, OFCC & UCC

Annette Muse

Email: annettemuse@ucsb.edu

Phone: 805-893-3665