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Family Involvement


What is Parent Council?
Did you know ALL OFCC and UCC families are members of the Parent Council? The Parent Council is a group of parents who volunteer to support the mission of the Children’s Center and serve as a resource and advisor to the Director and the teaching staff. We meet monthly to plan fundraisers, parent education meetings,and social events for the Center. We plan and fund enrichment activities for the classrooms, and we provide petty cash for each classroom to use for essential resources.

When and where does Parent Council meet?
Parent Council meetings will resume in late summer/early fall. Everyone is invited! Our meetings are casual…come when you can, leave when you need to.

How can I get involved?
Do you want to help make a difference and add value to your child’s learning experience? Well, you are in luck because there are many different ways and different levels at which to get involved with Parent Council and support the Children’s Center. Whether you can volunteer for just one day or attend regular meetings – Parent Council would love to have your help! Here are some different ways to get involved:

1) Parent Council Executive Board: Attend monthly meetings, serve as a liaison between the parents and the Children’s Center staff, help plan Enrichment activities, Fundraising efforts, or Social Events, bring fresh ideas to the Children’s Center. Please email parentcouncil@sa.ucsb.edu if you have any questions or interest in a board position 

2) Parent Council Committees: Participate either at your convenience, or on a more regular basis, in the Enrichment, Fundraising, Social Events, or Library committees. Please email parentcouncil@sa.ucsb.edu if you have any questions or interest in one of the committees
3) Room Representatives: Each classroom has parent representatives to serve as a liaison between the classrooms and the Parent Council. Room Reps communicate with classroom families, help coordinate a staffappreciation lunch once during the year, help coordinate social events for the classroom once per quarter, and assist the teachers with the endoftheyear fundraising activities. Please email parentcouncil@sa.ucsb.edu if you have any questions or interest in being your classroom’s Room Rep.

4) Volunteering in the classroom: Whether you have a talent or hobby that can be shared with the children, or you know how to count to ten in another language, the children LOVE to welcome “guests” and benefit greatly from this type of parent involvement. Gardening, musical instruments, cultural presentations, art projects, the possibilities are endless…talk to your child’s teacher about volunteering in the classroom

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5) Fundraising: Parent Council hosts a superfun potluck celebration and fundraising event in the spring, as well as several smaller fundraisers throughout the year. Whether you can participate in the fundraisers, join the Fundraising committee, or just help out for one day, we’d love to have your support! Contact parentcouncil@sa.ucsb.edu for more information.

Wish Tree6) The Wish Tree: WishTrees in the lobby are an exciting and easy way for families to help their children’s classrooms. The different “leaves” represent items from the wish lists of our different classrooms. Wishes might be big or small, anything from markers, crayons, books, toys, bottle caps, empty cartons, dress up clothes, to wagons and more! You might find that some classroom wishes are items you are otherwise thinking of donating or giving away, while others might be purchased new. You are invited to take a look and pluck a leaf from the tree if you see a wish you’d like to grant. Items can be delivered to the front desk or to the classroom. We hope this will be a fun and voluntary way to support our teachers and enrich our children’s classrooms.

7) Parent Support & Education meetings:  The Children’s Center periodically hosts parent support & education meetings that focus on topics in early childhood development. These meetings offer valuable information and advice from experts, as well as practical experience shared by fellow parents. Keep an eye out for information about the next Parent Support & Education meeting in the emails you receive from the Children’s Center. 

8) UnLoad at Lunch:  This casual lunchtime gathering is all about parents commiserating with other  parents, sharing stories, laughs, worries and advice.  Bring your lunch or buy one at the UCen.  Watch for announcements about the next get together!

Thank you from The Parent Council