UCSB Early Childhood Care & Education Services

Enrollment Packet

The following series of forms must be completed once a classroom placement is available for your child to finalize enrollment. These forms, the registration fee and immunization documentation must be received prior to your child’s start date. For questions regarding these forms or information about enrollment opportunities and our waiting list please contact our enrollment coordinator at squinly@ucsb.edu.

Enrollment Forms to be Completed:



Other Enrollment Information:



Financial Assistance Applications:


  • CA Dept of Education Application - Must have a need for care (such as working or going to school, etc.) as well as meet a financial need to qualify for this assistance.  
  • Chancellor's Scholarship - Must be a UCSB student to apply for this assistance.  This scholarship is given out in October each year and is given based on need status of the family and the amount of funds available.