UCSB Early Childhood Care & Education Services

Financial Assistance

The Early Childhood Care and Education Services striveto make the program accessible to families of all backgrounds. As such,the program has secured the following financial assistance opportunities:

  • Tiered Tuition Rate Structure – The program utilizes a tiered tuition rate structure based on University affiliation. Staff and Faculty rates are subsidized by funding provided by the University. Student Rates are significantly offset by the generous support of the student community from undergraduate and graduate student-voter mandated fees. View Tuition Rate Sheet Information Page for current rates. 
  • California Department of Education’s Child Development Services Program – This is available to income and need eligible families. Interested families should complete the Tuition Assistance Request Form and return it with the Waiting list Form. Questions regarding this funding can be directed to our Grant Coordinator at 805 893-5307. 
  • Chancellor’s Childcare Scholarship – This scholarship is sponsored by the Chancellor and is currently available for University affiliated income eligible enrolled families.