Once offered a position at UCSB ECCES, whether as a full time career position or a UCSB Student Teaching Assistant, below are a couple of required trainings.


This training takes approximately an hour to complete, see below for instructions. **may not work on Firefox

  • Go to https://online2.cce.csus.edu/dpr/
  • Select Create New Account
  • Once your account is created and email will be sent to you
  • Click the link provided by email
  • Select View All Available Courses
  • Select Basic IPM for the Classroom and Office Environment (BASIC)
  • After selecting the course, click Enroll Me near the bottom of the screen
  • Select Chapter One to begin
  • Complete Chapters One through Three
  • Complete the final exam with a 70% or higher
  • When you successfully complete the listed course requirements, you will be allowed to download and print a Certificate of Completion from the course page.
  • Email or bring a hard copy of the Certificate of Completion to Jesse or your Program Coordinator

You will have 90 days from your registration date to complete the course. To log back on at any time go to link above.

These trainings take most people approximately two hours, don't be intimidated by the projected time for the training.

  • Go to https://account.mandatedreporterca.com/login
  • Select Sign Up on the sign in page
  • Enter the requested information and select Next: Choose class.
  • Choose the Child Care Providers Option
  • Next, select Next: Verify Email
  • Click the link provided in the email that reads Verify Email
  • Sign in to the course home
  • Begin the General Training and Child Care Providers Training
  • Complete the final exam with an 80% or higher
  • Upon completing with an 80% or higher, you will be issued a certificate.  This will serve as proof of completion of the training.  Please email or bring in a hard copy of the certificate to Jesse or your Program Coordinator

Career Employee Requirements


CA Child Development Permit Application

You will submit all required materials to the program coordinator at ECCES for review and the center will send your application to the County of Education office in order to obtain a temporary permit which would allow you to be left alone with the children while we wait for your actual permit to be processed.  

The permit is required by the California Department of Education in which we receive funding from.

You will need in order to apply for your permit:

  • Official transcripts from universities and/or city college
    • Also an unofficial copy for our program coordinators to determine which permit to apply for) 
  • $100 fee (in a cashier's check or money order made out to CTC)
  • Copy of completed Live Scan (specifically for permit purposes

Once you have done your Live Scan you can apply for the COC. It basically expediates your fingerprints so they can be cleared. The county requires the COC for first time permit applicants in order for the temporary county permit to be signed off on by the County of Education Office. Fingerprinting for the permit is different than fingerprinting for licensing.

Certificate of Clearance Application

In order to set up payroll you will need to meet with our Business Officer. It takes about 30 minutes.  After meeting with the Business Officer you will need to make an appointment to meet with the campus team to complete your I-9 with original documents.