A $50 non-refundable Registration Fee is required when your child is accepted at the Center.  The wait list fee will be deducted from the Registration Fee at the time of enrollment.  This fee is waived for families receiving CDE funding immediately upon enrollment.  The first month's tuition must be paid in advance of your child's attendance at the center.

The welcome packet below includes a series of forms that must be completed once a classroom placement is available for your child to finalize enrollment. These forms, the registration fee and immunization documentation must be received prior to your child's start date. For questions regarding these forms or information about enrollment opportunities and our wait list, please contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Kim Brown at kimberlybrown@gmail.com.


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Our program maintains a wait list for families wishing to enroll their children. Children are selected for enrollment at the Centers by our waitlist priority guidelines.

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Our program utilizes a tiered tuition rate structure based on University affiliation.

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Financial Assistance

We strive to make the program accessible to families of all backgrounds.  As such, the program has secured three financial assistance opportunities.

Withdrawal & Vacation Policies

You must give a minimum 30-day written notice if you intend to withdraw your child from the center. Tuition will continue to be due for this notice period, and partial months of attendance will be prorated.

Families may pay to hold a placement during an absence for a duration no longer than six weeks. Families who will be absent from the program for more than six weeks need to withdraw and will be placed back on the waitlist and given priority with their original waitlist date.

Exceptions to these policies will be considered in consultation with the Director. The Center reserves the right to dis-enroll a child at any time.